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Embracing growth

embracing growth_blog

Day 19

Today I had a significant opportunity for growth.  That moment when you realize something you really knew all along. It can be something you had not been ready to acknowledge or say hello to, or it can be that the scales are gone and you now see clearly what you once missed.  These moments are graciously planned at just the right time.  At times we aren’t emotionally ready for the revelation.  Only God knows when we are ready to face the truth.

The orchid in the picture above is a beautiful representation.  It was a birthday gift many months ago. The flower buds lasted for a good while as they usually do. Then, eventually all the flower petals were gone. Several green leaves remained, but other than that, the plant looked sparse. I carefully tended to it even when it appeared to be lacking life.  Then one day a new leaf appeared, then another, and another.  The growth has been steady and strong.  The new leaves look very healthy.  I know the flower buds are still far away, yet I am encouraged by the growth I have witnessed so far.

So it is with us, how much we grow is dependent on many factors.  Even when we can’t see much happening on the surface of ourselves or others, take heart and know that there may be a whole world of growth taking place underneath.




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