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Through the gates

    As we drove through the tall white wrought iron gates, nobly emblazoned with the monogram CCC, I suddenly felt stately, important, APPROVED.  It was as if I was entering a whole new world where everyone greets you with courtesy and a smile- opening doors, pulling out your seat, laying a napkin across your lap.  Ah, the feeling of a simple young girl at the country club.  Mostly my grandparents would take us; my sister, my brother and yours truly.  I was always impressed with the welcome my grandfather received-“Good afternoon, Mr. Miller,” “Hello Mr. Miller,” “Nice to see you, Mr. Miller.”  He was important, I thought, and so must it be with me, I mean, he is MY grandfather after all. 

The most wonderful thing about this scene is that it parallels our relationship with God, with one HUGE caveat…you don’t need a dress suit, or slacks, or a pretty dress and polished shoes.  You can arrive in tattered jeans, a stained t-shirt, no shoes on your feet, and you will be seated at the head of the table.  God invites us as his royal children to accept our place in His kingdom, which is seated with Him in the heavenlies if we so choose.  You see we are already approved.  We don’t need to check off our list of milestones to be invited in and accepted to His institution of higher status. We are in His presence and he calls us to bear his name, to wear our royal crown proudly.

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