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Embrace [em-breys]

Day 2

To embrace has several meanings.  To most, it probably means to physically embrace or hug or to accept or receive willingly.  For me, when I think of embracing, I think of it as an intention.  A choice- sometimes it comes willingly, sometimes not so much.  In my mind, it could substitute for “roll with it” or “pull up your boot straps, darling.”  When I speak the phrase “I am happy to _______”, my husband says that usually means I am not.  That’s not true- at least not all the time (shhh).

What I want to do here, in 31 days, is to examine how this embracing works, how with each and every part of our lives we can learn and choose to embrace willingly and joyfully.  To press in to the difficult and the beautiful.  Also, to pull back the curtain and bring in the light.  To sweep the dust off our desires and longings, the ones that have long been forgotten or that have been crowded out by the daily urgent.  
And what about the mountaintop moments, do we embrace those fully?Do we embrace those parts or are we tentative with our embrace, peeking around the corner trying to see past the blind spot in the road?
If you, like me, believe that all of our days have been laid out before one of them came to be, it makes embracing easier- especially for the bumps (or boulders) in the road.  We have assurance, we have mercy and grace to accept and embrace every part.
Thanks for joining me on this journey.
Every day of my life was recorded in your book, Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed ~Psalm 139:16


2 thoughts on “Embrace [em-breys]

  1. What a great project to undertake! I look forward to seeing what you discover and thus, what I may also discover about embracing all the parts of this journey we call life.

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